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What is the Optimism Clinician Dashboard?

The Dashboard is a web platform that interfaces with the range of Optimism apps used by individuals. It provides a flow of information to the clinician based on their clients entries, for effective monitoring and targeted treatments. It promotes a collaborative, integrative approach to mental health care.

Key Features

A single screen summary of daily records for all clients, with drilling down into all entries made by each.

Charts and reports scheduled for email delivery, for more detailed periodic reviews.

Daily email summaries of recent entries, providing a fast update for all clients using the apps.

Automated remote monitoring alerts by email and SMS. Set alert criteria according to individual circumstances.

Key Benefits

A detailed picture of how clients are progressing between consultations, in a straight-forward format.

A more involved, proactive and educated client. Discussion points for determining what is or isn't working.

Scope for better outcomes with greater collaboration and positive therapeutic alliance.

Automated alerts to catch problems as they arise, offering possibilities for proactively assisting clients.

Optimism Feedback

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  • The Optimism Apps are highly regarded. The latest versions of the iPhone/iPad and Mac versions are rated 5 stars in the US App Stores (59 votes and 13 votes respectively). Use the arrows to scroll through comments.

    Wonderful! - Helpful app.
    5 stars, Mar 14, 2012 by Doc gal, USA
    I use it with my patients. Provides an easy way to monitor and track emotions and triggers. Patients email me reports on a weekly basis. Awesome tool!

    My psychologist & I both love this app
    5 stars, Feb 12, 2012 by ScruffyPanda, Australia
    As a person struggling with depression and anxiety disorder I have found this app incredibly useful in tracking my moods, my tendency to oversleep, the quality of sleep, I use the notes section for any key events that may have affected my mood and the graphs are exceptionally helpful. So happy with this app!!!

    Really great app! 5 stars, May 24, 2012 by Amosju, UK
    Brilliant app and very useful. Perfect as it allows sending charts and reports to healthcare professionals.

  • Treatment support
    5 stars, Jul 23, 2012 by Lakers_17, Australia
    Great app to use in conjunction with treatment. See your psychologist and monitor yourself between sessions. Email your progress to your psychologist. My clients love it. Rural Psychologist.

    Great self help tool
    5 stars, Apr 19, 2012 by Dr Oetker, Netherlands
    This app is highly recommended if you suffer from depression, BP or similar problems. Keeping track of your data provides invaluable insights, both for yourself and /or a medical professional supervising you. With the sync now working great, do use it. It will help you find triggers, patterns etc.

    5 stars, Invaluable!
    Jul 24, 2012 by Peter Green, Australia (Mac App Store)
    Optimism was recommended to me by my counsellor. It is truly brilliant and greatly helps me see extremely valuable and accurate information about my condition and state of mind. You must use this app as a very important part of your strategy, for growth, well being and realization!!Thank you so much, Pete

  • Love it!
    5 stars, Jun 13, 2012 by Anothercodemonkey, USA
    This has given me a way to get a lot of great data about myself. My doctor loves it too. Simple, convenient, awesome app.

    Outstanding..a Bipolar Patient reports...
    5 stars, Jul 18, 2012 by earad, USA
    Absolutely wonderful app and online mood chart. The chart itself is what I desperately need to clarify my variety of symptoms that change frequently even within a given day. I have very labile Bipolar II and it is very difficult and frustrating to describe all the aspects of my daily emotions and triggers to doctors and therapists. I am confused and overwhelmed much of the time and this gives me a structure in which to communicate my life to others with clarity so they can help me. I am really appreciative of the ability to customize the application to my own life. Thank you to all who made this possible. I really hope others can find and use it too.

    Excellent app
    5 stars, Jul 22, 2012 by mlriojas, USA
    Great resource to monitor self depression & assist Dr's.

  • I used your licenses with a few of my patients, each of whom found excellent value in their experience using the Optimism app over the past six weeks.

    Before they began using Optimism, I worked with each individually to get an initial feel for each section and scale to ensure they had a good sense of how to negotiate the app itself. Then I asked them to simply use it daily for one week and discuss their experiences during the next session. The follow-up sessions were very positive. Those who could brought a laptop to the follow-up session. I reviewed their daily entries, how they used the app and together we worked with each section to customize several options based on their specific needs.

    Since using Optimism, each reported they were more aware of their mood, level of anxiety, and thoughts, feelings, and circumstances that seemed to affect their quality and length of sleep. All found the "notes" section very useful. Some of the feedback, since using Optimism, included feeling more "grounded", "mindful", and "present", as well as experiencing fewer panic attacks and dissociative episodes, somewhat improved mood, and increased compliance with prescribed psychotropic medication...I realize my sample size is well below what is required for an empirical test. However, my initial (albeit anecdotal) results are extremely promising and well worth recommending these apps to other patients, as well as, other clinicians using CBT in their practices.

    Chellie Morrison, Ph.D.
    Psychotherapist, Portland, Maine

  • Usefulness of Optimism
    5 stars, Aug 17, 2011 by SUOT, UK
    I can speak both as a mental health and wellbeing service user and as an occupational therapist. I do really like this piece of software and feel it is appropriate for its intended purpose. I feel that the software encompasses the idea of mental wellbeing, recovering and condition management perfectly. It is also a similar format to Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP), but in an electronic, easy to use and accessible format. Optimism also further promotes ICT skills and insight into one's own condition. Similarly to WRAP, I would also recommend that this piece of software is to be used in conjunction with any existing care/treatment plans that a person has, not as a stand alone self-help package. Thinking as a mental health professional as well as a service user, I would be happy for my clients to suggest this software, as would my colleagues and naturally vice-versa...

    Track it all
    5 stars, Jul 8, 2012 by SMB59plus, Australia
    Great app. Not saving fixed this was the main problem before Totally customisable features so that u can fit it to your particular issues. Great help for patient and doctor to see trends especially when u can't remember.

  • Super!
    5 stars, Feb 23, 2012 by Innykke, Belgium
    I find this app extremely useful, it has everything you need or want to add and is very easy to use. Reports are easily generated into a pretty PDF for your instructor or psychologist.The reminder is also great and makes sure you don't forget to update your daily notes.

    5 stars, Real Helpful
    Feb 4, 2012 by Glee Girl 10101, Canada
    This app is great. Struggling with depression this app has helped me keep track of my good and bad days by not only keeping notes but having me think and rate my mode and coping strategies. This app also let's me reflect back later when talking to my doctor. It really is great help for those struggling with depression.

    This app is great
    5 stars, Jun 17, 2012 by John L Cordial, USA (Mac App Store)
    I use it, to show my doctor how I am doing, day to day.Keep up the great work!

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