Neuriva Review – Is It Worth It?

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Neuriva Review


  • A good company background
  • Possibly no potential side effects
  • Completely natural-approached product


  • Contains just two ingredients; one is fairly standard, the other is relatively unproven
  • The hero ingredient is supported by just a single scientific study


The health of neurons is closely related to brain performance. The better the neural communication, the sharper your brain gets! Neuriva claims to be healthy food for neurons and improve the transmission between them. With just two ingredients in its list, we’re surprised at how the supplement goes about carrying out this complex task. We found the claims to be slightly deceiving. Our recommendation is to go for a genuine brain supplement that contains true nootropic ingredients.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Neuriva. It claims to be an excellent cognitive enhancer that supports and improves brain performance by entirely relying on just two ingredients.

Also, its manufacturer claims that it develops the brain’s secret weapon.

But to help you make a better decision whether this supplement worth your mental health and money, our team decided to get a closer look at this product.

We study the customer reviews, and its ingredients to explore if it really has this magic capsule.

Read until the end to see what we discovered...

What is Neuriva?

Neuriva is a brain health supplement claiming to entirely rely on natural extract for aiding the neuron health and supporting the ability to learn and focus.

The manufacturer claims that its natural ingredients are clinically proven, decaffeinated, and GMO-free to support brain performance. Also, they claim to fuel your focus, memory, learning, accuracy, and concentration.

The product comes in two stacks:

  • Neuriva Original (our focus for this review)
  • Neuriva Plus

About Manufacturer

"Schiff Vitamins," based in Salt Lake City, USA, manufactured Neuriva. In partnership with Pharmapacks, Joe Weider and Weider Nutrition (NYSE: WNI) founded it in 1936. 

To help you assess your skills and build a brain fitness routine, Neuriva manufacturer introduces the BRAIN GYM app on its official site. Once you purchase a bottle, you will get 10-digit code you can use to log in to the BRAIN GYM app. However, that’s good for one month of use only.

Also, it offers the Schiff reward system, which gives you points when you buy their products. But the earned points will expire due to one-year account inactiveness and cannot be transferred between accounts either.

Schiff Vitamins is the manufacturer of some other dietary supplements such as:

  • Airborne
  • Move Free
  • MegaRed
  • Digestive Advantage

It is not BBB accredited and referring to the Better Business Bureau; it had a customer complaint in 2018. The complaint focused on the bad state of the bottle contents, as the pills clumped together. Moreover, the customer service was not following up on the subject in a proper way.

Neuriva Claims

Neuriva claims include:

  • Enhanced focus
  • Improved accuracy
  • Improved memory functions
  • Better learning
  • Heightened concentration
  • Caffeine-free
  • GMO-free
  • Vegan-friendly

Neuriva Ingredients Analysis

Neuriva consists of two primary ingredients as follows:

  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Coffee Cherry (Coffee Fruit Extract)

Other ingredients are; rice bran, capsule (hypromellose, carrageenan, titanium dioxide, and pectin), microcrystalline cellulose, soy lecithin, silicon dioxide.


A fatty substance produced naturally in the body, phosphatidylserine covers and protects mainly brain cells. 

A published study in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition reported this ingredient to slow down age-related memory loss. Another study published in the Journal of Mental Illness suggests that it regulates mood swings.

Coffee Cherry (Coffea arabica)

Neurofactor (the hero ingredient) is a botanical extract derived from the coffee cherry - the skin and rind of the hand-picked coffee cherry fruit.

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found a significant relationship between whole coffee fruit extract and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels. 

BDNF is a type of protein, crucial to neuronal health, helping to encourage the growth of new neurons and support the survival of existing brain cells. This study showed that treating subjects with whole coffee fruit concentrate powder increased levels of BDNF by 143%. However, more extensive clinical studies are needed to support this outstanding possibility.

KeyPoint: In the case of Neuriva, we only have coffee cherry extract (the skin and rind) and not the whole coffee fruit extract. On top of that, the claims made about whole coffee fruit concentrate rely only on a single study which demands more extensive clinical studies to support this possibility.

Are Neuriva Ingredients Safe And Effective? 

The ingredients found to be possibly safe because there are no reported side-effects from consumers’ review. Also, Safety clinical study on whole coffee fruit extract showed no adverse effects at optimum dietary concentrations. However, we don't have whole coffee fruit extract here in the case of Neuriva, but just coffee fruit extract (the skin and rind).

A study published in Nutritional Neuroscience reported that soy-derived phosphatidylserine is also a safe nutritional supplement for older persons if taken up to an optimum dosage. But we’re a bit concerned about the soy lecithin (particular allergen) involved. 

If we talk about the effectiveness, then the in-depth customer review analysis showed that the product gave positive results in some people while some did not feel any differences after consumption. 

Also, the supplement doesn't include any known vitamins and minerals but rely on just two primary ingredients (one is fairly standard, the other is relatively unproven); thus, there are thin pieces of evidence regarding its 100% effectiveness.

Warnings for Neuriva Users

Some general warnings for Neuriva users are:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid this supplement
  • Avoid if you are on medication or with a known pre-existing medical condition unless you have consulted with your physician
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Consult your physician first before incorporating the Neuriva supplement into your daily routine

How to Take Neuriva?

According to the official site, adults (18 years old and above) should take one capsule daily at bedtime for better results.

Does Neuriva Provide 100% BrainPower?

With just two major ingredients, the product seems safe to use. Also, there are no reported side-effects from consumers’ review. 

However, after an in-depth analysis, we have found the following reservations to give you a clear cut idea regarding the product:

  • It consists of two ingredients, one is fairly standard, the other is relatively unproven (based on a single study that demands more clinical analysis)
  • There are thin pieces of evidence regarding cherry extract as BDNF-booster
  • "Neurofactor," the hero ingredient is claimed by a single scientific study only
  • Contains allergen (soy lecithin)
  • No known vitamins and minerals

While the product gave positive results in some people, some did not feel any differences after consumption. 

To sum it up! Ingredients need more testing and clinical research, thus, we doubt if it can give you 100% brainpower.

Customers Reviews

It seems to be helping me focus during my hectic days at work.

Lan Lieu

I have to say this is the first supplement for brain function that didn't include any known vitamins and minerals. The coffee berry and Phosphatidylserine that make up this product do not have much to say about the coffee berry. Phosphatidylserine has had clinical that show improvement for a few months. That just isn't good enough.


My husband took this every day since we received them and was never able to notice a difference in his focus or "brain performance".


Where to Buy Neuriva?

Neuriva is available on the official website, Amazon and some other online retailers. 

If you approach the official provider, then all orders will be fulfilled by Pharmapacks (Schiff Vitamins fulfilment partner). They are not offering worldwide shipping.

The supplement comes in capsulated form and costs:

  • $30 for Neuriva Original
  • $44.99 for Neuriva Plus

What is Neuriva Return Policy?

According to the official site, return policy works if order returns within 30 days of the purchase date. Their policy also involves 15% restocking fees for voluntarily returned items that are opened, used, or no longer in sellable condition. 

Also, shipping fees would be non-refundable.

Is Neuriva A Good Nootropic For You?

One big positive point of Neuriva is that it looks to be possibly safe; the reason behind this point is the involvement of just two ingredients that are reported to be possibly safe by scientific studies. 

However, there are thin pieces of evidence regarding its 100% effectiveness due to relying on its two active ingredients only; one is fairly standard, the other relatively unproven (based on a single study that demands more clinical analysis). 

Moreover, it’s the first supplement that doesn’t include any known vitamins and minerals, so the cognitive enhancement might not be possible with this formula. Also, the company has a complaint at the Better Business Bureau.

There are several other nootropics available in the market specifically designed to promote long-lasting brain development, neuroplasticity, and to slow down the onset of age-related cognitive decline. They are powerful, 100% effective, potent, and they offer excellent value for money. 

One of them we often recommend for long-term mental health that works gently and safely to promote cognitive function is Mind Lab Pro. This is the #1 nootropic that we have seen this year.

This top-rated supplement contains 11 clinically-tested and natural ingredients that help to increase your mental performance while avoiding any stimulants or additives.

This supplement provides not only instant brain activation and long-term mental fitness but also gives you outstanding benefits, including:

  • Enhanced focusing ability
  • Faster information processing
  • Brain cell protection
  • Improved memory recall and retention
  • Greater stress resistance
  • Puts equal weight on long-term memory and neurogenesis

And many more….

Still, if you're not sure how Mind Lab Pro is better than Neuriva then check out this comparison and decide for yourself!

Comparison Table

Enter your text here...

Neuriva Review


Mind Lab Pro Review

Mind Lab Pro

Support Memory?

Encoding, Storage, Recall, Learning, Test Taking

Support Brain Energy?

Mental agility, quick thinking and focus

Supports Mindset

Mood balance, Stress resistance, Relaxation, Creativity, Motivation

Supports Focus

Supports Brain Protection

Fights toxins and unhealthy structural changes that degrade the brain over time.

Supports Performance

Speed, Process, Attention, Focus, Verbal

Supports Structural

Injury repair, Fluid membranes, Neurogenesis, Anti-aging, Fight depression

Meets mental performance demand

From day to day and hour to hour

Helps with immediate and long-term brain health and function

Free from stimulants and additives

Side Effects

Insomnia, Restlessness, Vomiting, etc

No Potential Side Effects


Per Bottle



Free Shipping


Limited Countries


Money Back Guarantee

No Money Back Guarantee

30 Days


Here are the ultimate findings for Neuriva. Although the product is possibly safe, still, there are thin pieces of evidence regarding its 100% effectiveness. The product does not contain any vitamins or minerals; thus, cognitive enhancement might not be possible with this formula. 

Moreover, Schiff Vitamins is not BBB accredited and referring to the Better Business Bureau; it had a customer complaint in 2018. 

A quality brain product should only contain clinically proven ingredients with 100% effectiveness. Make sure the memory product you select should work gently and safely to promote your cognitive functions.

To maintain a good memory and brain functioning, we recommend you to try adding exercise and natural foods enriched in brain-boosting ingredients, into your diet. A Research study published in PNAS demonstrates that physical activity can increase the area of your brain that is important for memory.

But if you still want to improve your neural-performance with high-quality natural ingredients then give Mind Lab Pro a try. The supplement comes with 30 days 100% refundable money-back guarantee just to take the risk off your shoulders!

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